Smart City - BIKE

Smart City - Bike

Smart City - BIKE is the disruptive disruptive fully automated solution for secure and convenient bike storage that meets the requirements of the EU Green Deal for sustainable smart cities.

Smart City - BIKE is suitable for the multitude of existing buildings (no other solution can!) as well as for integration into new buildings. In doing so, Smart City - BIKE allows a modular (flexible) number of bikes: 4 to x00 per facility for convenient, safe and reliable check-in, secure storage, charging of e-bikes by induction and pick-up.

Smart City - BIKE is easy to integrate into higher-level smart city solutions. The parking garage itself can be equipped with any number of transfer points, which are flexible and can be placed to ensure accessibility, short distances, fast access and maximum convenience.

Smart City - App

The associated Smart City - APP is the key for users to make our innovative solution a unique experience. It allows the reservation of (e-charging) spaces, requesting a bike - even multiple bikes and multiple users.

For the user there are massive time savings (pick up in a Smart City - BIKE parking garage with 200 spaces within 14 sec. possible). In addition, the pre-reservation (also recurring and with a long lead time) offers the security that, for example, the e-bike is charged or that there is a space available at all to protect a valuable bike.

Our app application is easy to integrate with other smart city app solutions.


Key to BIKE is our own smart city - control technology that ensures fast access, reliable e-charging, secure storage and more. Developed in-house, this is a building block of our innovative value-added solution.



Smart City Concepts sees smart mobility as a central pillar for a smart city and a smart metropolitan area. Smart mobility enables access to other smart services.

Smart Mobility is also the dimension with the greatest impact on emissions of all kinds in cities and metropolitan areas. In the context of climate-damaging gas reduction targets, Smart Mobility per se is a top issue.

With our solutions, we are working on the multimodal networked mobility of the future. This is how we ensure seamless multimodality for Smart City Mobility - and develop the Smart Mobility solution components to match.


The mission of Smart City Concepts is the development and realization of infrastructure for mobility concepts (Smart Mobility). To this end, we bring together both external and our own technical solutions. These become part of the Smart City development platform. Smart City's own solution components currently include

  • Fully automated bicycle parking garage
  • Integration of monitoring technology
  • Inductive charging of e-bikes
  • Smart City app for using the parking garage
  • Smart City App as a component of a higher-level Smart City solution
Our concept goes far beyond previous individual solutions and makes it possible for the first time to do justice to the Smart City approach. This requires the fusion of technology, construction, IT and an attractive interface for citizens.

For this purpose, we have a network of experts who ensure that the desired smart city goal is also achieved: We offer comprehensive support/consulting from the exploratory phase to planning and implementation.

Investigation phase
Planning phase
Implementation phase
Smart City Concepts
supports customers completely

Unsere Expertise


The ecological change with the trend towards the (e-)bike means that we have the right product at the right time. An attractive bike infrastructure is needed and the creation of bike parking is massively required by changed parking space regulations: at the same time, the storage and charging of the increasingly valuable bikes must be ensured. In addition, there is increasing pressure on the ideal use of expensive space (high sqm prices): free space is limited and should be made attractive (no wire donkey desert). In addition, there is no solution yet for the existing buildings that dominate the European market. Barrier-free, attractive solutions suitable for e-charging (guaranteeing the user that his bike will be charged) with fast access are required.

Added value for our BtoB customers:

  • only solution on the market for existing buildings
  • maximum space compression in the system
  • elimination of access and escape routes (maximum space savings)
  • low investment costs in safety technology, ventilation technology
  • meets new building code requirements
  • low operational and maintenance costs
  • automatic allocation of e-bikes to charging stations saves investment and increases availability (charging station management through Smart City control system)

Added value for users, which also influences the BtoB decision:

  • no risk of personal injury
  • no risk of damage or theft of wheels
  • fast (e.g. pick-up time for 250 parking spaces between 14 seconds and max. 2 min.)
  • maximum ease of use
  • secure planning (time saving and 'convenience' by pre-booking, pre-planning handover time etc.)
  • no need to walk into dark rooms/parking garages
  • no carrying of heavy (e)-bikes.

Our Smart City-BIKE solution is sold to BtoB customers. The end customer/user is not a buyer of our product.

Smart City - Team

Smart City - Team

The four founders have several decades of successful experience as founders and directors of companies with all the necessary commercial skills. Our R&D team includes another 5 experts, accompanied by a large number of engineers and engineering graduates working in teams organized on sub-topics.

Our R&D results have been repeatedly recognized with awards!

Prof. Dr. Markus Mau
Board of Directors European Logistics Association, Prof. for Mobility Strategies, Project Management
Prof. Dr. Nicole Mau
Top executive group with over 300,000 employees, management consultant, international project management
Aram Martinez
Engineer with over 10 years of experience in mechatronics and the automotive sector
Alfredo Lugo
Test engineer with over 10 years of experience in developing test sequences, scripts and manufacturing frameworks
Prof. Mariela Terrazas
Recruiter at TEC/PIT, long experience in the TEC organization
Prof. Gerardo Silveyra
Dean and director of an engineering school, leading technical teams with more than 20 employees

Smart City Concepts has brought together a solid interdisciplinary team with experienced experts from all relevant disciplines who have built our competitive advantages and are systematically developing the solution components.

The Smart City Concepts team consists of employees and a long-standing network with decades of experience in the fields of transportation, mobility, architecture/construction and sustainability.

In addition to the technological solution for Smart Mobility, Smart City Concepts offers visually attractive solutions through its own architects and designers, the electronics experts the integration of monitoring technology and through the logistics experts the option to conduct preparatory feasibility studies with traffic flow analyses.

For have a zunftsorientierte organization and infrastructure. Our development laboratory is located in the Technology Transfer Center in Chihuahua (Mexico).

TEC-Campus, Chihuahua (Mexiko)

On the one hand, we benefit from the direct collaboration with the professors and students of the final semesters, and on the other hand from the very innovative working environment. Throughout the entire development period, more than 60 engineers have accompanied us and we have benefited from their knowledge and ideas.



The market is developing, the demand for suitable solutions is increasing rapidly, and the competition's offerings are only suitable in special, exceptional situations. Our solution therefore comes at exactly the right time:

Market requirements that have a positive impact on the development of the market size:

  • Help to transform ICE* space into CO2-free mobility space (*= internal combustion engine)
  • Pressure to optimize the use of space (SMART LIVING): Free space in metropolitan areas/cities is limited; More people on the road with more bikes
  • Bicycle as mobility option becomes top issue: sustainability discussion => SMART MOBILITY demand for massive emission reduction
  • Attractive multimodality: requires barrier-free transition
  • Capacity limits and unattractiveness: increasing demand for high-quality parking space
  • Significant increase in value of bicycles / e-bikes: secure storage becomes critical factor
  • E-charging infrastructure for BIKE becomes necessary

We have also made an assessment of the sum of influencing factors on future market development, the result of which suggests significant growth. The height of the arrows (see Fig.) corresponds to the influence on market potential:

Factors influencing market potential

We continuously probe the overall market and the development and emergence of potential competitors. In accordance with the distinction between direct competitors, different solution and different customers, we have used 11 categories to classify the market.

Key facts:

  • Our solution is unrivaled for existing buildings
  • Only our solution can be integrated into new buildings
  • Our space compression is outstanding
  • Our access times are the fastest
  • Only we can do e-bike charging
  • Only our solution is fully modular
  • Only our solution can be expanded and relocated with minimal effort

We can therefore achieve revenues of over €100 million within 3-5 years with EBITDA a good €17 million.

Smart City-Conference

Smart City-Conference

In November 2023, the 3rd Smart City Conference will take place under the content leadership of Smart City Concepts. After a successful kick-off in 2018 and after the Corona forced break, we offer a platform for Smart City exchange and networking activities.

Further information:
» Smart City Conference 2022 video (Youtube)

» Homepage Smart City Conference 2023

Some impressions of the Smart City Conference 2018:

From left to right: Prof. Dr. Gerardo Silveyra (Director Smart City Lab, Park of Innovation and technical and techno­logical transfer, Mexico), Prof. Dr. Mariela Terrazas (University TEC de Monterrey / Mexico), Prof. Dr. Nicole Mau (Managing Director Smart City Concepts GmbH)
The West-Hungarian University of Sopron was found in 1735.
Some participants and some students of the University of Sopron in the background are very interested in the current topic.
Prof. Dr. Harald Gleißner, Head of Institute of Logistics HWR Berlin, speaks about the challenges of logistic-networks.
Prof. Dr. Stefan Recknagel is holding a lecture about the city-logistic-solutions at BSH in After-Sales-Service Field.
Prof. Dr. Markus Mau (Owner MAU Consulting GmbH & Co. KG, Co-Founder Smart City Concepts GmbH) is presenting our Smart City-APP, which makes the life of users simply smarter.
Prof. Dr. Mariela Terrazas (University TEC de Monterrey / Mexico) is presenting, how competences can be integrated through remote-projects for Smart-City best-practice solutions.
From left to right: Iwan Povše (Owner Povše & Timmer­mans Architecten Ingenieurs BV), Geert Timmermans (Owner Povše & Timmermans Architecten Ingenieurs BV), Prof. Dr. Mariela Terrazas (University TEC de Monterray / Mexico), Prof. Dr. Gerardo Silveyra (Director Smart City Lab, Park of Innovation and technical and technological transfer, Mexico)
Group-pictures with amazed participants of our conference.
From left to right: Prof. Dr. Harald Gleißner, Prof. Dr. Gerardo Silveyra, Prof. Dr. Markus Mau. After the conference, a well-deserved break with a wine tasting at Weingut Rebhof in Mörbisch am See (AT).



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